Joe Szabo UX Design
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Skittles Holiday Pawn Shop

As the Vice President of User Experience at BBDO Canada, Joe helped define the Skittles Holiday Pawn Shop experience online. Users submit a photo of an item they wish to donate. In exchange they receive a voucher for free Skittles. 

1.0 SkittlesPawn_mobile_home.png
1.01 SkittlesPawn_mobile_menu.png
1.1 SkittlesPawn_mobile_Submit.png
1.2 SkittlesPawn_mobile_submit_confirm.png
1.4 SkittlesPawn_mobile_submit_certificate.png
Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Conducted to discover how people felt about the concept and how they would use it. See more examples of Design Systems here.